/* Plugin Name: LayerSlider WP Plugin URI: https://codecanyon.net/item/layerslider-responsive-wordpress-slider-plugin-/1362246 Description: LayerSlider is the most advanced responsive WordPress slider plugin with the famous Parallax Effect and over 200 2D & 3D transitions. Version: 6.6.1 Author: Kreatura Media Author URI: https://layerslider.kreaturamedia.com Text Domain: LayerSlider */ // Prevent direct file access. if( ! defined('ABSPATH') ) { header('HTTP/1.0 403 Forbidden'); exit; } // Attempting to detect duplicate versions of LayerSlider to offer // a more user-friendly error message explaining the situation. if( defined('LS_PLUGIN_VERSION') || isset($GLOBALS['lsPluginPath']) ) { die('ERROR: It looks like you already have one instance of LayerSlider installed. WordPress cannot activate and handle two instanced at the same time, you need to remove the old version first.'); } // Used to enable/disable the activation box in older versions. // Nowadays, it displays a notification warning theme users about // potential activation issues and purchase codes. A more convenient // solution will replace this in future versions. $GLOBALS['lsAutoUpdateBox'] = true; // Basic configuration define('LS_DB_TABLE', 'layerslider'); define('LS_DB_VERSION', '6.5.5'); define('LS_PLUGIN_VERSION', '6.6.1'); // Path info // v6.2.0: LS_ROOT_URL is now set in the after_setup_theme action // hook to provide a way for theme authors to override its value define('LS_ROOT_FILE', __FILE__); define('LS_ROOT_PATH', dirname(__FILE__)); // Other constants define('LS_WP_ADMIN', true); define('LS_PLUGIN_SLUG', basename(dirname(__FILE__))); define('LS_PLUGIN_BASE', plugin_basename(__FILE__)); define('LS_MARKETPLACE_ID', '1362246'); define('LS_TEXTDOMAIN', 'LayerSlider'); define('LS_REPO_BASE_URL', 'https://repository.kreaturamedia.com/v4/'); if( ! defined('NL') ) { define('NL', "\r\n"); } if( ! defined('TAB') ) { define('TAB', "\t"); } // Shared include LS_ROOT_PATH.'/wp/scripts.php'; include LS_ROOT_PATH.'/wp/menus.php'; include LS_ROOT_PATH.'/wp/hooks.php'; include LS_ROOT_PATH.'/wp/widgets.php'; include LS_ROOT_PATH.'/wp/shortcodes.php'; include LS_ROOT_PATH.'/wp/compatibility.php'; include LS_ROOT_PATH.'/includes/slider_utils.php'; include LS_ROOT_PATH.'/classes/class.ls.posts.php'; include LS_ROOT_PATH.'/classes/class.ls.sliders.php'; include LS_ROOT_PATH.'/classes/class.ls.sources.php'; include LS_ROOT_PATH.'/classes/class.ls.popups.php'; // Back-end only if( is_admin() ) { include LS_ROOT_PATH.'/wp/actions.php'; include LS_ROOT_PATH.'/wp/activation.php'; include LS_ROOT_PATH.'/wp/tinymce.php'; include LS_ROOT_PATH.'/wp/notices.php'; include LS_ROOT_PATH.'/classes/class.ls.revisions.php'; LS_Revisions::init(); } if( ! class_exists('KM_PluginUpdatesV3') ) { require_once LS_ROOT_PATH.'/classes/class.km.autoupdate.plugins.v3.php'; } // Register [layerslider] shortcode LS_Shortcode::registerShortcode(); // Add default skins. // Reads all sub-directories (individual skins) from the given path. LS_Sources::addSkins(LS_ROOT_PATH.'/static/layerslider/skins/'); // Popup LS_Popups::init(); // Setup auto updates. This class also has additional features for // non-activated sites such as fetching update info. $GLOBALS['LS_AutoUpdate'] = new KM_PluginUpdatesV3(array( 'name' => 'LayerSlider WP', 'repoUrl' => LS_REPO_BASE_URL, 'root' => LS_ROOT_FILE, 'version' => LS_PLUGIN_VERSION, 'itemID' => LS_MARKETPLACE_ID, 'codeKey' => 'layerslider-purchase-code', 'authKey' => 'layerslider-authorized-site', 'channelKey' => 'layerslider-release-channel' )); // Offering a way for authors to override LayerSlider resources by // triggering filter and action hooks after the theme has loaded. add_action('after_setup_theme', 'layerslider_after_setup_theme'); function layerslider_after_setup_theme() { $url = apply_filters('layerslider_root_url', plugins_url('', __FILE__)); define('LS_ROOT_URL', $url); layerslider_loaded(); } // Load locales add_action('plugins_loaded', 'layerslider_plugins_loaded'); function layerslider_plugins_loaded() { load_plugin_textdomain('LayerSlider', false, LS_PLUGIN_SLUG . '/locales/' ); }
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